A Better Workplace. A Better Oregon.

Quality Training and Resources for State Employees

Through a better workplace for state employees, we enable better lives for all Oregonians.

Uplift Oregon is a labor-management partnership between the State of Oregon, and the unions SEIU 503 and AFSCME Council 75. Through this collaboration, we provide quality training and education in benefits, wellness, and equity.

We help employees enrich their lives, make the most of their public service, and foster a work culture that is inspiring, friendly, and supportive.

Together we are making a better workplace and a better Oregon.

Uplift Your Benefits

Make the most of your employee benefits with confidence.


Experience support in your wellness journey so you can prosper in life.


Be part of a welcoming, inclusive workplace.

Uplift Oregon Featured in National Report on Lowering Healthcare Costs

As a first-of-its-kind labor-management partnership, the founding partners of Uplift Oregon — the state of Oregon, SEIU 503, and AFSCME Council 75 — sought to address key issues facing the state workforce and charged the program with providing training and education in benefits, wellness, and equity to State of Oregon employees. 

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More Information on Uplift Your Benefits for Agency Leaders and HR Staff.

Have Questions or Need More Information on Uplift Oregon or Our Programs?

Quality educational resources, built together

We curate and create the best educational materials through the expertise and collaborative input of all our partners.

Get more than you expect with Uplift

You can put what you learn from our workshops and resources into action immediately.

Centering the program around the employees

Everyone benefits when you are welcomed, supported, and inspired.

Emily Wang, Health Equity Policy Analyst/Tribal Liaison, Oregon Health Authority - Office of Equity and Inclusion

“Uplift Oregon’s mission matches up with my values and my passion to help support & retain state government workers, especially those who reflect the diversity of the populations we serve. Retention of indigenous and staff of color especially, has proven to be a BIG challenge throughout my 25+ year career in state and local government.”

Emily Wang

Health Equity Policy Analyst/Tribal Liaison, Oregon Health Authority-Office of Equity and Inclusion

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