Building and supporting a culture of wellness.

Experience support in your wellness journey so you can prosper in your life.

At Uplift Oregon wellness is not limited to any one area, but encompasses healthy habits in areas like physical, mental, financial, and community health. We believe that workplaces are more effective and employees are better off when wellness is a priority. Our wellness workshops will enhance your skills of caring for yourself and others.

We have upcoming trainings in partnership with Kaiser Permanente. These trainings are free and available to any state employee regardless if you have Kaiser Permanente as your provider. 

Upcoming Events

May 9: Caregiving in the Middle

May 9: Caregiving in the Middle

In this webinar, you’ll understand the impact of caring for elderly parents on the Sandwich Generation. You will learn the benefits of planning future care for aging parents; the effects of aging on physical, social, mental, emotional, and financial health; how to identify characteristics of self-care to deal with stress; and much more!

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