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About Uplift

What is Uplift Oregon?

Uplift Oregon is a labor-management partnership that the State of Oregon, SEIU 503, and AFSCME Council 75 created in 2019. Uplift was developed to build and deliver consistent and quality education in benefits, wellness, and equity to state employees.

What is a labor-management partnership?

A labor-management partnership is a structure in which employers and employees are equally accountable to addressing the shared needs of employees and employers.

Why are labor-management partnerships beneficial?

Unions and employers have found many benefits from establishing labor-management trusts; for example, employers can realize cost savings, whereas employees may value having a greater voice in the design of the programs.

Who does Uplift support?

Uplift Oregon supports the employees of the executive branch of the State of Oregon, which is composed of 72 agencies and commissions. You can view the organizational chart here.

For Managers

What content is covered in Uplift Your Benefits workshop?

Uplift Your Benefits provides new employees to the State of Oregon an overview of the benefits package available to them. The training covers healthcare, the EAP, retirement, and more. It also includes time for union orientations and special management support. For more details about the content of the training, please contact us.

How is this benefits overview useful to me as a manager?

Uplift’s training offerings are consistent, timely, and efficient. By covering areas like benefits, you have more space to focus on the specific orientation needs of your agency or department. We are here to educate staff and support you as a manager; your goal of hiring, retaining, and developing quality employees is ours too.

How can I help my team or agency incorporate Uplift trainings?

Uplift workshops and resources are intentionally designed to supplement your current practices. Please guide employees to our training schedule or contact us to learn more about Uplift’s content, long-term programming, and opportunities for partnership.

Is Uplift Oregon's benefits programming mandatory?

The Uplift Your Benefits training is mandatory for new hires. When possible, employees will sign up for their health insurance after going through the training.

What this means for managers:

  • Employees will need to access this training during paid work time (if applicable).
  • Within your regular onboarding process, managers should facilitate the employee’s scheduling and registration for this training.
What guides Uplift's programming?

Uplift is responsive to the needs of the employees, from direct-service staff to agency leadership. We gather input from the Trust board, focus groups, advisory committees, and unions. The program’s process demonstrates the ability of management and staff to work together to create the best outcomes not only for state employees but for all Oregonians.

I’m interested in collaborating with Uplift on the topics of benefits, wellness, or equity. How can I get involved?

Please reach out to us here. We look forward to talking with you!

How can agencies share information about UYB with our employees?

Click here to view resources to help human resources and other onboarding staff enroll new employees in Uplift Your Benefits.

For Union Members

What's the connection between your trainings and unions?

Union members and managers have a shared interest in all state employees understanding their strong benefits, improving wellness, and advancing equity in the workplace. That’s why SEIU 503 and AFSCME Council 75 members proposed the creation of this joint labor-management program in contract negotiations in 2019. The last 30 minutes of our Uplift Your Benefits workshop provides time for staff in represented positions to go through their applicable union new employee orientation.

What if I’m in a union represented position, but it’s not SEIU 503 or AFSCME Council 75? Can I still participate in trainings?

Absolutely! Our trainings are open to all state employees, regardless of union membership or job classification.

Is Uplift Oregon's benefits programming mandatory?

The Uplift Your Benefits training will be mandatory for new hires in positions represented by AFSCME and SEIU. The training will be offered within fourteen (14) days of a new hire. When possible, employees’ will sign up for their health insurance after going through the training.

I’ve heard that unions offer specific benefits for members. How do I find information about that?

We recommend going directly to the member benefits page on their websites.

For Union Leaders

I have been facilitating union new employee orientations — how does this change what I’m doing?

Uplift Oregon hopes to reach all new employees with our Uplift Your Benefits training, which includes a general union orientation for new employees. However, this isn’t intended to take the place of an agency-specific union orientation for new employees. If you’re a steward or member leader, talk to your organizer for more information. If you’re a union staffer, please talk to your supervisor.

Members come to me with a lot of very specific questions about retirement or leave policies. Does Uplift have training that can help, or can I refer them to Uplift to get their questions answered?

We’re working on it! We want to know what your members need and what formats it should be available in (videos, one pagers, etc). If you have ideas, email us at [email protected]!

How do we know unions are informing the programming and direction of Uplift Oregon?

Uplift Oregon is governed by a board of ten trustees, and five of those members have been appointed by SEIU 503 and AFSCME Council 75. We act as a hub, collecting feedback from both unions and the state to create educational resources that serve and represent the needs of all partners.

I am a member of or work for a union that isn’t SEIU 503 or AFSCME Council 75, and I want to get involved — how do I do that?

We would love to talk to you! Please email us at [email protected].

What is the Uplift Your Benefits partner outreach toolkit?

We have created a set of materials and templates for commonly needed outreach tools that we hope supports you to encourage attendance for the Uplift Your Benefits workshop to your employees and colleagues.

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