Equity happens through intentionality

Equity Program Overview

In partnership with state equity leaders, Uplift Oregon will build on existing equity tools and frameworks that help us visualize, build, and expand actions that all state employees can take.

At Uplift Oregon, we embed equity throughout our programs and services for the state of Oregon employees. Leading with an equity lens helps us create the space, tools, and process relevant for every staff member.

Oregon Peer Equity Network (OPEN) is a community of practice created for State of Oregon staff who are tasked with equity and justice work within their agencies. This community exists to improve on and share knowledge, as well as build relationships and common practices across the enterprise of State Government. Our first cohort began Winter 2022 and continued for a year, meeting regularly to support ongoing work.

OPEN Resources

Want to dig deeper into your equity work? Welcome to OPEN cohort’s resource list. This is not a complete list but meant to be a starting point and can support you through the year. Is there something you’d like to see added to the list? Contact Brad Fortier.

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