What is Uplift?

Maybe you have heard of Uplift Oregon but don’t understand how Uplift relates to you as a state employee. If you want to know more about us, let’s chat.

Interview with Uplift

Question: What is Uplift?

Response: Uplift Oregon is a labor-management partnership that the State of Oregon, SEIU 503, and AFSCME Council 75 created in 2019. A labor-management partnership is simply a structure to address the shared needs of workers and employers. Uplift was developed to build and deliver consistent and quality education in benefits, wellness, and equity to state employees. 

Question: Why should I get to know Uplift Oregon?

Response: In collaboration with state agencies and unions, we have the shared goal of curating and creating educational material for you from the experts. We refine our materials based on feedback from a variety of sources including our Trustees, advisory committees, unions, and employees like you.

Question: I thought programs already exist that do something similar?

Response: While there are many other training programs, the goal of Uplift is to provide consistent training and information for all state employees, no matter what agency you work for, where you work in Oregon, or what your position is. There are over 40,000 employees and 72 agencies (not including divisions), with 1,000 job classifications and over a 100 worksites. Uplift exists to complement and leverage those existing programs. We will work together to make sure we create cohesive and tailored programs in the areas of benefits, wellness, and equity. 

Question: What are your training and education resources like?

Response: We believe that when you feel supported, welcomed, and inspired, everyone benefits. We focus on key topics that include benefits, wellness, and equity. Our training and educational resources are based on best practices for adult education. We make sure our training is interactive and engaging to help you retain and take action on what you have learned. Our workshops include breakout and Q+A sessions so you can learn and ask questions in real time. 

Question: What do you currently have available for State employees?

Response: So glad you asked! We’re currently offering our Uplift Your Benefits workshop. Great for anyone new to state employment, this workshop gives a snapshot of the different benefits available to you as a state employee. Check out the Benefits page for more info and learn how you can register for one of the workshops, which are offered weekly. Current employees can participate in the workshop for refresher training. We will be adding workshops as we grow, so join our notification list to be the first to know about what’s happening!

If you want to learn more about Uplift, feel free to explore our website and check out our FAQ page.

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