Uplift OPEN

Uplift Oregon Peer Equity Network

OPEN Cohort 2022-2023

This program took 24 staff from 8 different agencies from State of Oregon government and formed them into a supportive community of practice. The practice in question is the ongoing work of embedding equity, inclusion, diversity, belonging, and justice into the policies, operations, and practices of state government. 

The OPEN program celebrated the conclusion of its first year on November 17th, 2023. Particpants and agency leaders came together and discussed the importance of connecting government back to communities, as well as improving the state as a workplace. Philip Schilts of SEIU 503 spoke to the success of the labor-management partnership that the OPEN program represented and the visible impact being displayed in the room. 

Several OPEN cohort members talked about the significance of the program, and many were moved by what this effort meant for them, their work, and what this effort signified for their families and communities. Overall, the event was engaging, meaningful, and left attendees with a sense of hope and accomplishment to take forward with them.

OPEN participants come from agencies all across the state. Our cohort is a network that will sustain the alignment of  individual agenies with Oregon’s Equity Action Plan. Thank you to our change makers!

Department of Administrative Services

Juliet Valdez
Cameron Stuckart
Ramesh Grandhe

Department of State Lands

Jaclyn Zatta
Deborah Rudd
Allison Daniel
Arin Smith

Department of Public Safety Standards and Training

Tiffany Ball
Audra Anderson
Heidi Van Middlesworth
Ben Klecker

Early Learning Division

Kristina Stevens
Gabriela Hernandez
Karina Guzman-Ortiz
Lindsay Pearson

Department of Agriculture

Toby Primbs
Timindra Pratico
Michael Williams
Tash Wilson

Department of Forestry

Megan Donecker
Ryan Greco
Deanna Grimstead
Casara Nichols

Public Employees Retirement System

Louise Plata
Tamie Johnson
Brian Kirchner
Christine Vanderhoof

Business Oregon

Bryant Campbell
Jessica Sedacy
Lies Wattimena

Uplift Staff

Jeanette Cooper

When to contact
Questions about travel, hotel, or conference registration and logistics

206-841-0303 (call/text)

Email Jeanette

Brad Fortier

When to contact
Questions about Uplift OPEN, conference content questions

503-939-2537 (call/text)

Email Brad

Kelley Weigel

When to contact
Program feedback, conference program questions

503-970-4106 (call/text)

Email Kelley

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