Uplift Oregon Featured in National Report on Lowering Healthcare Costs

Uplift Oregon Featured in National Report on Lowering Healthcare Costs 

The Center for American Progress (CAP), a think tank based in Washington, DC, recently released a report, Employer- and Worker-Led Efforts To Lower Health Insurance Costs, examining four coalitions working in their states to “reduce the price of health coverage and improve the quality of care.” Uplift Oregon was one of the programs they featured. 

The report highlighted Uplift Oregon’s role in providing state employees — particularly new employees — with training and resources so they can make the best decisions about their healthcare and other benefits.  

Uplift Oregon Director Kelley Weigel spoke to CAP about Uplift Your Benefits, Uplift Oregon’s first-of-its-kind benefits training for state of Oregon employees. CAP wrote: “Prior to [Uplift Your Benefits], some employees were choosing the most expensive health plans—assuming they provided the best coverage—while others ended up enrolled in plans that did not meet their needs…” 

Uplift Your Benefits, even in its early stages, is showing great results. The report continued: “Preliminary survey data found that 82 percent of participants felt more or much more confident ‘in taking action on selecting [their] benefits after taking the workshop.’” 

Uplift Oregon is a program of RISE Partnership that exists to support strong public services for all Oregonians. We provide workshops and training rooted in equity so that all state employees contribute to, and benefit from, a healthy, inclusive, and empowering workplace. 

For more information on Uplift Oregon’s benefits and wellness workshops:

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