April 27: Overview of Uplift Your Benefits

Uplift Oregon is pleased to announce a special offering for State Agency Leaders, HR Professionals, and Hiring Managers. 

On April 27 from 8:30am-9:30am, Uplift Oregon will present a special overview and discussion about Uplift Your Benefits (UYB), the benefits workshop for new State employees. 

During the Overview we will review: 

  • Which benefits we cover in UYB; 
  • How employees register for UYB before they sign up for their benefits; 
  • Your questions about DAS making UYB required in Workday for new employees in positions represented by SEIU or AFSCME; 
  • Your questions about how to incorporate UYB into your onboarding process. 

As you know, Uplift Your Benefits is the benefits workshop for new state employees that helps them make the most of their incredible benefits package, like healthcare and their PERS retirement plan. While the workshop is valuable for all employees, it is required in Workday for new employees represented by SEIU or AFSCME. 

Oregon has one of the toughest job markets for retaining good employees. More and more studies show that one of the keys to retaining good employees is offering a great benefits package, like what is offered at the State of Oregon. Our job at Uplift Oregon is to make sure new staff fully understand how to make the most of those benefits.  

When employees feel confident that they are getting the most out of their benefits, they are more likely to see the full value of employment with the State of Oregon. 

Navigating new training requirements for incoming employees can be tricky, but Uplift Oregon is here to help. Your goal of hiring, retaining, and developing quality employees is ours too, as we work together to help state employees make the most of their incredible benefits. 

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