Help your employees make the most of their benefits!

Oregon is in one of the toughest job markets we’ve seen in recent years. As state agencies work to bring in the best talent, Uplift Oregon is your benefit education partner. Your goal of hiring, retaining, and developing quality employees is ours too, as we work together to bridge state employees to their benefits.

When employees feel confident that they are getting the most out of their benefits, they are more likely to see the full value of being an employee of the State of Oregon. We are here to support state employees in feeling confident about accessing all of their amazing benefits.

As they say, you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression—and we want to be part of new employees getting a GREAT first impression of what it’s like to work for the state! That’s why Uplift Your Benefits workshops are mandatory for SEIU- and AFSCME-represented employees.

Require UYB for new employees in Workday.

This is one of the most effective ways to direct employees to the workshop. For step-by-step technical guidance, click the button below.

Include information in onboarding.

Ask your managers to include information on the Uplift Your Benefits workshop in their onboarding process. Include the Workday registration link——in your employee onboarding email to show them how to sign up.

Download our toolkit.

We have curated materials to help you reach out to your employees through email. To view or download the toolkit, click the button below.

Review the HR Overview presentation.

The Uplift Oregon team was pleased to provide an overview of Uplift Your Benefits to HR professionals and other staff responsible for onboarding new state employees. You can view and download the slide deck at the link below.

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