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This Open Enrollment, let Uplift help you make the most of your benefits

Every year, State of Oregon employees are required to make decisions about their benefits for the coming year. This period of time is known as “Open Enrollment,” and this year, it is set for October 1-31. You must take action through PEBB’s website during this time.

Some questions state employees will need to answer include: 

  • Should I reenroll in my current health plan?
  • Should I change or update my health benefits? 
  • Should I participate in the HEM?
  • Should I sign up for child care reimbursement?
  • Do I want to opt in to other insurance benefits available to me?

Everyone wants to make the most of their benefits, but it can feel difficult to know where to start. Uplift Oregon is here to help! Click below to watch our Open Enrollment 2022 workshop and view and download resources.


"Four Areas" Benefits Flyer

An overview of your State benefits organized by which organization provides it.

Benefits Definitions

A list of definitions of words we mention in the workshop.

Open Enrollment Workshop Slide Deck

The slide deck of the Uplift Your Benefits workshop.

More online resources

Use the menus below to access online resources that will help you navigate Open Enrollment.

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“The Uplift Oregon Benefits webinar was very well presented and the information was extremely useful. I wish I had known about this before I signed up for my benefits but I will have this information for open enrollment. It was helpful to have everything listed in one place and the links they provided allowed me to do more research for retirement planning.

I highly recommend everyone take this webinar whether you are new or have been with your employer for years, as it will help you make better informed decisions about the benefits available to you.”

Sandra Pickering

Business & Employment Specialist, Oregon Employment Department

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